Is it For You?

The fact is, the Breakup Dojo is not for everyone.

It’s not for people who can’t be bothered to put in the work. Who won’t focus. Or implement. Or who are just looking for excuses for why “it” won’t work for them..

It’s also not for those on a tight budget. So don’t get into debt just to join. OK?

And if you don’t have a good moral foundation, and if you’re not capable of imagining (and caring) how others feel, I don’t want you to join.

I’m sure there’s a place for you.. just not here.

For the Serious Only

Do you know what a relationship coach charges for ONE consultation? Even beginner coaches charge more for one call than the price of admission here.

But because the information here is not spoon fed to you, it’s not going to cost you as much.

So instead, it’s going to cost you just enough to help you succeed..

Let me explain:

Want to know an open-secret?

When you pay a sizeable amount of money for information, at the very same time you also make a “contract” with yourself.

This “contract” is missing when you get information for free or near as.

What kind of contract?

It’s like this..

After you pay the money, deep inside you’ll hopefully hear this voice:

“Listen, me.. I just put some skin in the game by paying up this money — so I better go through this information; forwards, backwards, AND sideways.. and do it all again x3. And I sure as hell will implement what I learn, because I’ve made a commitment to myself by taking this action today.”

That’s the “contract” I’m talking about.

The more money you put on the table, the more serious your game will be.

Breakup Dojo is only for the super serious.

If that’s you?

I’ll see you on the “other side”..

To get in on this, join the Breakup Dojo today.