How do you save a relationship?

OK, let’s see.

Just how do you save a relationship?

There are a lot of ways to answer that.

You’ve probably read a dozen ways already (many of which sound alike — I’ll explain why that is later.)

However? I can tell you that saving a relationship really only comes down to ONE thing.

And, if you know what that one thing is, your odds of success are greatly improved.

But you know? I don’t see anyone talking about *that*

(I’ll reveal the “one thing” shortly…)


If you believe everything you read, you *might* think you must re-attract your ex in order to get them back.


Or perhaps it is using superficial tactics like the “no contact rule” that will do it?

(Eye Roll)

Alas. No.

In fact? I’ve found doing no contact just like everyone parrots you to do can weaken your position. Hell, in some cases NC just means Not Clever. But you probably already know that.

What else then?

Is it psychological tricks? Hmm..

Listen —

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed how similar most people’s claims are?

One reason for that is many of them are more marketers than relationship experts. And that’s why they sound alike.

Beware of that.


Detour over.

Let’s get back to “the one thing” which is the most important thing of all :-)

Let’s start a new page for this:

Go to page 2 to see what “it” is…