What Exactly is This?

The Breakup Dojo is a comprehensive program you can start immediately to help end your pain, and win back your ex.

For years I’ve helped clients return their life back to normal after finding themselves suddenly-single.

..Clients who had to fight the deep seated resentment that lived inside their ex — which they didn’t even know was there until following my advice.

Including clients who had to fight off “newcomers” who had moved in on their ex. And succeeded. (..if your ex is already in another relationship, are you confident about what to do?)

Don’t Let a Lack of RIGHT Information Stomp All Over Your Chances..

Inside the Breakup Dojo you’ll finally know how to:

  1. Handle your breakup the right way (so you don’t make easy-to-make mistakes which can lose your ex forever);
  2. Manage your heartache properly (so you don’t lose yourself in the process);
  3. Get strong and independent (no matter what happens, even if you decide you don’t want to save your relationship.. or can’t);
  4. Oh.. and HOW to save your relationship using a simple system (based on emotional temperature cues.)

There are extras inside the Breakup Dojo as well.

Don’t Let Your Ex Forget You So Easily…

or move on so eagerly..

If you can follow my directions the likelihood your ex will forget about you and move on.. shrinks considerably.

PLUS: as my system evolves, so too will the Breakup Dojo. And I’m constantly refining the process. That means YOU benefit from new groundbreaking discoveries as they happen.

To get in on this, join the Breakup Dojo today.