Make or Break Time…

Pride is the ONE thing I do not see many (any?) talk about.

If you do not protect and build your ex’s PRIDE, then you are going to struggle to make headway. You can do everything else right, but skip this, and it won’t matter.

If this is confusing, let me put it this way:

Do you know anybody who dates people they are ashamed to be with?

Think about that.

We can not desire someone who damages and degrades our pride.

And so, by making a deliberate effort to PROTECT your ex’s pride —and your own— by modifying every word you say and action you take to do just that?


This Knowledge is Saving Relationships Right Now

OK —

Look, I have plenty more to say.

But I won’t say it here, though.

See… the internet exists to share information. That is its nature.

So normally, I think it’s a great idea to give away content for free.

And, you can —and will— see examples of that in my Ex-Communication Daily newsletter.

But, this knowledge right here… is a little different.

This prescription which is saving relationships right now requires buy-in to produce the best results.

Put another way:

I require commitment from this point forward because there is no value in free.

Free is a flaw of human nature because if it’s free you won’t value it.

We value things according to what it costs us.

And so, if it’s free, you won’t use it with determination… which means we’d both be letting your ex and your relationship go without a fight.

Screw that.

That’s why from here on I only speak for the determined.

Yes, you need to be serious…

Now, there are many ways to qualify how determined you might be —like whether you were in a serious relationship— or a quick 3-week fling (though this works either way.)

The point is?…

I only want to share my best stuff with those who will stick with the process because they are committed to giving their ex a damn hard time to stay their ex.

Another thing…

There are real, unconventional strategies and tactics here… and I want to keep this stuff away from the public who just want to read it but not apply it (pointless.)

There are enough me-too copycat courses out there.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I am charging ~1/5 of my coaching fee to access my Breakup Dojo membership (which covers everything you must know if you want the best chance saving your relationship.)

And it’ll cost you enough to tell me you are serious about this, and keep the tire-kickers out.

After payment, you can stay a member of Breakup Dojo for life and never pay a penny more. Ever.

Best of all, you can get started now and access everything I have —and will create in the future— that pertains to saving a relationship (and there is so much I’ve not mentioned, my apologies.)

OH, and by the way… don’t worry about info overload. It will take you ten minutes at most to read the KEY principles (enough that you will SEE how this will work for you.)

What Now?

To take the “red pill” and get on board…

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