Are you ready to outwit your ex’s negative feelings and win them back?

This is the best program I’ve signed up for (out of five…)

What’s this? The Breakup Dojo is an online “spill all” breakup-repair resource. It shows you how to outwit your ex’s negative feelings. And in turn, put yourself in the strongest position to win them back.

How so? You will learn how to counter a vexed ex who expects to be unimpressed by the usual attempts to change their mind.

Interesting… Yes, the Breakup Dojo reframes how you will fight for your ex. So you’ll do what they don’t expect, thereby maximising your chance of success.

No kidding —

This gives you the best chance to get your ex back

  • Even if you’ve made every wrong move in the book
  • Even if your ex is seething with anger, blanking you, or spending “quality time” with another man or woman 👀


This is not about winning an argument or convincing your ex they should love you again.

(If you are trying to do that, you are hurting your chances.)

No, it’s time for a new approach.

One that won’t make it so easy for your ex to move on…

Don’t let your ex forget you so easily

Most people make it easier for their partner to double down on their decision to leave or stay away.

How? By following self-destructive, NATURAL “strategies” that rarely work. Like telling their ex how they’ve changed, or using reason or logic, or increasing their contact etc.


But —

If you agree to follow a few unconventional instructions?

You will make it harder for your ex to stick to their guns and stay your ex.

Even if you have poor relationships skills. Just one of the lessons inside can produce better results than a professional therapist can achieve…

So, if you want to massively improve your chances of getting what you want —don’t wait.

And if you’re ready… you can start right now:


Everything you need to stop or reverse your breakup

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Michael I would just love to thank you for all your expert help and advice. I have followed your suggestion to tee. And found that my ex is more in love with me now than she has ever been and I thank you very kindly from the bottom of my heartJames

Will this help you?

To be extremely clear with you —

The Breakup Dojo maximises your odds with ANY of the following:

  1. Stopping a breakup 👍
  2. Stopping a divorce 👍
  3. Getting your ex back 🙌
  4. Dissolve relationship disputes 👍
  5. Repairing damaged relations 👍

Regardless if you’re a man or woman.

Breakup Dojo is for men and women, young and old. The principles inside operate on the underlying biology of humans, so you can be sure they benefit you regardless of how you define your relationship.

Unconventional advice?

The lessons inside are unconventional. They contradict a lot of “advice” you may have received elsewhere.

For starters:

You really only need to know one thing to dramatically improve your position with your ex, if you know what I know.

I call this one-thing the “LOP” filter.

What does it do?

Well, if you find yourself wondering if the words, text or action you’re about to take will help or hinder you? No problem —just run your idea through the “LOP” filter… and you’ll know right away.

The “LOP” filter helps you know if your idea is good or bad.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to learn “LOP” (and it’s one of the first things I share inside with Breakup Dojo members.)

Of course, “LOP” is just one of the many lessons found inside…

Hey, every little helps and the more you know, the more likely you will find the combination to unlock your ex’s heart…

Or, in other words…

👉 “It’s how you outwit your ex’s negative feelings”

In a hurry? Here’s the short version:

  1. Your ex is jaded and EXPECTS you to un-impress them with your attempts to change their mind;
  2. The Breakup Dojo re-wires your brain to do what your ex does not expect. Making your position MUCH stronger;
  3. This knowledge upgrade also makes you more charismatic, fascinating, and likeable. Without seeming effort on your part

The net result is you give yourself the best and most strongest position to get your ex back.

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Need to know more?

Then keep reading…

Take back control of your breakup

It’s simple, really. You must take back control of your breakup.

Either you are in control, or you are under control.


Here’s how I’ll help you:

After years of reuniting couples from the most ridiculous situations you could imagine…

I decided to unpack what I do and put it all inside a members-only “hub” called Breakup Dojo.

And now you can access this hub-of-information from right where you are, on your phone or computer…

Breakup Dojo swaps your guesswork with proven ways to:

  • Stop and reverse your breakup
  • Reboot your self-esteem…
  • And makeup with your ex

And, in just a minute, you can go log-in to receive my clear instructions on what to do to save your relationship.

For less than the price of a single therapy session you will get lifetime access to a complete online resource you can use immediately to help end your pain, and win back your ex.

Of course,

It’s not for everyone.

If you have a scarcity mindset, or you don’t believe deep down you deserve your ex, you won’t purchase. It’ll be too expensive, or you won’t think yourself valuable enough. That’s a self-esteem thing, of course. The irony being… those people need this more.

And some folks… they’ll buy a PDF of rehashed “tricks” to save a tenner.

Or just go watch a few videos for free on YouTube…

Of course, if you have already done that? You know the problem.

(—they don’t work—)

If you want your ex to take you seriously, you have to act accordingly.

So, don’t skimp…


Your ex is expecting you to try the usual moves.

Which is why you must not do what your ex expects!

You must walk a different path to the one your ex expects you to take…

Steal my ten-years of experience working with clients…

See, when you enter the Breakup Dojo, you get the most exceptional —and unusual— breakup reversing methods that exist.

Honed from my experiences working 1-on-1 with clients just like you for over ten years.

So, go ahead and steal my unconventional ways so you too can outwit your jaded ex.

Hey — you either agree or disagree:

When it comes to your heart, you want the best. You know this is not the time to play around, and you refuse to jeopardise your chances of reuniting with your loved one.

The Breakup Dojo is for those who agree…

Are you ready to fight?

Hey, not everyone wants to fight for their ex.

And only you knows what’s at stake.

So… it’s you who has to decide.

You tell me… what does this person mean to you?

Think of a happy memory with your ex.

You see it?

If that picture is worth fighting for, then why wait?

“I‘m Ready” →



Still here?

I should tell you…

Your first priority is you!

Listen —

Your first mission is to put yourself first. Not your ex.

You must “get yourself back” to start with.

It is only after this we will get your ex back.

Get this the wrong way round and watch your ex vanish for good.

If you won’t put yourself first, close this page.

My mission is to HELP. But only those who want to be helped, and who will follow instructions need apply.


I have two further requirements:

  1. You can imagine a future with your ex in it, and it’s a happy vision;
  2. You have SCRUPLES…

Only good people wanted

To be perfectly blunt?

I don’t want to help the wrong people get what they don’t deserve.

I’m serious.

I only work with moral, decent, thoughtful human beings…

(Men and women — this works beautifully whatever your gender or sexual preference.)

The good news is most people who lack “character” are the same people looking for a “shortcut”…

Or a dubious “mind-control tactic.”

These folks automatically fail to qualify for the Breakup Dojo. They will chase text templates and the like (which collapse like a cheap $2 folding chair.)

“What if I make a wrong move and lose my ex forever?”

It’s true. If you make a wrong move, you could lose your ex forever. However, if you follow my ways, you can significantly increase your chances of saving your relationship:

  • You’ll know what the wrong moves are (so you won’t make them);
  • You’ll make progress instead of worrying if what you’re about to say or do will push your ex further away. This means you can just get on with it and leave the guesswork behind;
  • Most people I’ve helped already made “wrong moves.” But with my guidance, they turned things around. If you can read and follow my words, then the same can be true for you (it’s rarely too late.)

In 2 minutes from now, you will have access to the most effective “do this, do that” relationship saving advice I know.

Here’s some of what’s inside:

  • Learn three very unusual lessons which put you in a far stronger position to get your ex back (It will take you only 10 minutes to absorb these remarkable lessons, yet the advantage you gain will stay with you a lifetime — I’m serious);
  • Discover the “LOP” filter: This makes it EASY to know what to say or do (Are you unsure what to say to your ex? Are you worried if the action you’re thinking of taking will make matters worse? Not any more. If it passes the “LOP test,” you will know you can proceed);
  • How to instantly close-the-gap with your ex —or indeed ANY one else— whether you like it or not (Learn how to “take the wind from their sails” on anyone you use this on… it’s bizarrely effective)


  • Find out how long to give your ex before contacting them using my “SUMO Calculator” (Why guess? This tells you how long to go “no contact” for);
  • Find out what to do when your ex dates other people (My “how to win by cheerfully losing” tip gives you an unfair advantage over the “newcomer”);
  • How to avoid the very common and ugly mistake that makes your ex very SUSPICIOUS about your motives (Do this and you jeopardize your chances);
  • Why you must not take another step until AFTER you’ve read my “do’s and don’ts for handling your ex” (This is a delicate time. Read these “damage limitation” warnings so you won’t make avoidable mistakes with your ex)


  • If you did something wrong, follow my APOLOGY METHOD so you know WHAT to say and WHEN to say it (Almost everyone gets their apology wrong. Worse, most deliver it at the WRONG TIME rendering it useless);
  • On FaceBook? You must tread carefully with your social networking. Follow my instructions! (I have a nifty tip for you here with super simple instructions);
  • Find out how and why to GET YOURSELF BACK before you even pick up the phone to your ex (Hardly anyone talks about this, yet it is the defining moment in YOUR turnaround.. it’s how you turn a setback into triumph);
  • What you MUST do if you ever “cross paths” with your ex before you’re ready to (Most people handle such chance encounters poorly. It’s the same when their ex calls them on the phone! But not you if you do this..);
  • 14 common errors you really don’t want to make (Find out what they are before it’s too late)

Or how about…

  • How to know when you’re ready to reconnect with your ex (Mess this up and you’ll reset your progress. Get it right and everything becomes much simpler);
  • Find out exactly how to reconnect with your ex the SMART way (Use “Emotional Temperature Cues” like I explain to guide you, and you won’t piss off your ex..);
  • LEVEL UP: You lost power when you got the elbow. Let’s get it back (Find out how you level the playing field);
  • How to handle your ex’s friends & family the smart way (When you bump into your ex’s brother, friend, mum, whoever.. what do you do? What if they ask you questions, what do you say? Find out!);
  • How to deal with your ex when you live or work together (I got specific advice for you if you live or work with your ex. This is a delicate subject (!) so don’t overlook this part, OK?);

What else?…

  • For men dealing with divorce or a wife who is pulling away (a recent addition to the members area where I unload a stream-of-tips to help men fight for their wife);
  • For women dealing with divorce… yes, the opposite of the above ~~coming soon!~~ if you join before it is ready, email me and I will express-delivery this update 👀
  • What to do if your ex cheated on you {super important!} (I have several thousand words on this topic alone…)
  • And there is plenty more…

The core material inside the Breakup Dojo covers much more than I’ve shared here, so expect a few surprises.

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“What exactly is this?”

For less than the price of a single therapy session you will get lifetime access to a complete online resource you can use immediately to help end your pain, and win back your ex.

For years I’ve helped clients return their lives to normal after breaking up.

Clients who had to fight the deep-seated resentment that lived inside their ex.

(Which they didn’t even know was there until coming to me.)

Including clients who had to fight off “newcomers” who had moved in on their ex. And succeeded. (…if your ex is already in another relationship, are you confident about what to do?)

Inside Breakup Dojo, you’ll finally know how to:

  1. Handle your breakup the right way (so you don’t make easy-to-make mistakes which can lose your ex forever);
  2. Manage your heartache correctly (so you don’t lose yourself in the process);
  3. Get strong and independent no matter what happens (even if you decide you don’t want your ex);
  4. Save your relationship using a refreshingly simple system (based on emotional temperature cues.)

There are extras inside Breakup Dojo as well.

If you can follow my steps, the likelihood your ex will forget about you and move on… shrinks considerably.

PLUS: As my system evolves, so too will the Breakup Dojo. And I’m continually refining the process. That means YOU benefit from new groundbreaking discoveries as they happen.

Psst: You also get the option to access a rare add-on 👀

Look out for the upgrade option during checkout…

When join today, you will be given the option to access my unusual UNFAZED program —an entire course delivered by email to your inbox over 25+ days.

Suffice to say: UNFAZED is a product I sold for $197 in the past. And it got rave reviews… so be excited.

“I want to join already…” →

The UNFAZED daily email course?

Where do I start 🤔

First, the UNFAZED email course is ONLY available to Breakup Dojo members. There is no other way to get it.


Look. You WANT this. Because I swear, you’d be annoyed to miss it. Which will become clear after you see it (and yes, that’s my biased opinion, of course.)

Let’s put it another way —

UNFAZED is a transformative opportunity for you. One which is an entire course in itself. Delivered through DAILY EMAILS direct to your inbox.

This email series is designed to gradually shift your old, possibly flawed paradigm for a brand new perspective on life.

Tip: Your ex does NOT want to be with the SAME person they broke up with, so use UNFAZED to ensure that doesn’t happen.


UNFAZED was originally a course I sold for $197-00. And while it was aimed at a different problem (a close relative of “the break up,”) it only required a tweak to perfectly match it to the heartache of a breakup.

This is why I can offer it for a low price to Breakup Dojo members. The hard work has already been done on this course.

Again… the version you get here is not a reduced version. It’s the full deal, edited to compliment your Breakup Dojo membership.

This unusual (in a good way) email course is designed to “unfaze-ify” you. That is, to shift you little-by-little into a “I’m not bothered” imperturbable human being. A hugely magnetic quality by the way (hint hint.)

Less “I want, I WANT, I WANT!” and more “I prefer, but I will be OK whatever happens…”

Even if you only shift A LITTLE in that direction, the payoff is IMMENSE.

UNFAZED has some big lessons within it. And it’s going to help you be a better, calmer, “got your shit together” person WHATEVER the outcome of what happens next in your life.

Fact is…

Those who suffer the most are also those who end up having the most to offer others. True growth is born from adversity. That’s just how it is. But it is not automatic. It must be nurtured. It has to be deliberately sought…

UNFAZED is 20,000+ words delivered over a 25-30 day period in your inbox. And it’s gold.

Bottom-line: UNFAZED makes the Breakup Dojo astonishing value.

You will get the option to add UNFAZED —along with another gem— to your purchase during checkout. Look out for it!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…

Breakup Dojo is a one-time payment deal; not a recurring monthly program

I know this can get complicated, so let’s do a “things you should know” breakdown…

Here are three things to know about this:

  • It’s easy to access from your phone, tablet, or PEE-CEE :-)
  • It’s entirely digital so you can get at ALL the information immediately, and start now.
  • It’s continuously updated: It’s not uncommon while working with clients that I uncover NEW and different ways to achieve their goal of surviving the breakup and saving the relationship. Such discoveries will be added to “the vault” overtime to ensure the Breakup Dojo is always the place where I share my best training discovered to date.

And here are three things the Breakup Dojo is NOT:

  • It’s NOT another monthly expense for you to budget for (there is NO recurring billing, you pay ONCE and get access for LIFE.)
  • It’s NOT a collection of cheap tricks rehashed from other people’s dirty tricks… no way.
  • It’s NOT a collection of PDF documents that you’ll lose or find its content out-dated down the road (plus they’re kinda hard to read if you’re on your phone…)

Shh: if YOU prefer PDF though? Let me know, and I’ll hook you up.

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“Just a quick to say that in a sea of get back with your ex courses it’s nice to see a course that is ethical and doesn’t treat their ex like a pawn in some game. A course that offers a dignified and conscientious collection of strategies as well as daily emails that are often equal to or even better than the content on your site.

I haven’t taken you up on your offer to email you questions because between your course and the daily emails you seem to have all the bases covered but I just wanted to say good on you for doing the right thing by the couple rather than the right thing for the one who was dumped!

PS I’m a coach and also write courses as well as book which is due out soon so some friendly advice, you need to charge more for your content” — Umech Patel

I wanted to write you back and tell you that your “get your ex back” program is the only program that I will not ask for a refund back, but all the other programs I have bought did not click with me. I like your writing style better than anyone else’s and women that write “get your ex back” programs are too sappy for me. I needed a program from a man’s perspective, and a lot of men have programs that I have read but I requested a refund from them because I kept going back to your program. Your writing style clicked with meSarah

Is it for you?

The fact is, the Breakup Dojo is not for everyone.

It’s not for people who can’t be bothered to put in the work. Who won’t focus. Or implement. Or who are just looking for excuses for why “it” won’t work for them…

And if you don’t have a good moral foundation, and if you’re not capable of imagining (and caring) how others feel, I don’t want you to join.

I’m sure there’s a place for you… just not here.

Otherwise, let’s get to work…

🔓 How to get access

You can access the Breakup Dojo immediately.

Here’s what to do next:

  • Checkout using the button below to pay securely (all the usual debit and credit cards welcomed);
  • After payment, you’ll be taken to a special page where you can create your account. Simple!

Everything you need to stop or reverse your breakup

Pay $75 Once
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Your purchase includes:

  • Access to the Breakup Dojo membership program (packed with ideas and tips to restore your sanity and win back your ex.)
  • Free lifetime membership — your one-time purchase gets you access to every update and improvement made for no additional fee.

NOTE: You’ll be offered ONE upgrade during checkout.

This upgrade grants you:

  • The “Just Friends” Antidote → A special add-on: Grab this so you avoid the friend zone (and more…)
  • The UNFAZED Program → A rare course that increases your power…

This is definitely the best program I’ve signed up for (out of five…)

Note: Payments are in US dollars.

🔐 Safe & Secure

Most debit & credit cards are accepted, including Apple Pay (if you’re hip and modern.)

During checkout, you can pay via PayPal if you prefer. Or, you can pay using your regular debit or credit card (thanks to Stripe)…

Over a thousand people have joined this program. You are in safe hands!

100% Commitment Guarantee

The Breakup Dojo is for the bold.

There are no refunds & all sales are final.

Yes. Don’t buy on “impulse.”

Think carefully before you join.

Your degree of commitment greatly affects the results you will get. This is why there are no refunds. You are either 100% in, or 100% out.

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster
Clint Eastwood

For the serious only

Do you know what a relationship coach charges for ONE consultation? Even beginner coaches charge more for one call than the price of admission here.

But because the information here is not spoon-fed to you, it’s not going to cost you as much.

So instead, it’s going to cost you just enough to help you succeed..

Let me explain:

Want to know an open secret?

When you pay a sizeable amount of money for information, at the very same time you also make a “contract” with yourself.

This “contract” is missing when you get information for free or near as.

What kind of contract?

It’s like this..

After you pay the money, deep inside you’ll hopefully hear this voice:

“Listen, me… I just put some skin in the game by paying up this money — so I better go through this information; forwards, backwards, AND sideways.. and do it all again x3. And I sure as hell will implement what I learn because I’ve commitment myself by taking this action today.”

That’s the “contract” I’m talking about.

The more money you put on the table, the more serious your game will be.

Of course,

I won’t force you… it’s your money, you do what you think is best.

The Breakup Dojo is serious business.

If that’s good for you?

I’ll see you on the “other side”…

— Michael Fulmer

Michael, I have completed the course. What a gift you have given me (and anyone who participates). I don’t know how, why, or where you received this enlightenment … I am just very grateful for itRon in New York City

Two things about your purchase:

  1. You’ll get everything described so far, and MUCH more besides (there are unadvertised extras a-plenty);
  2. This is a one-time purchase (not a recurring subscription)

Everything you need to stop or reverse your breakup

Pay $75 Once
Join over 1,000 happy customers

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Instant Access

Pay securely: PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay (all usual debit/credit cards)

I am blown away at the amount of knowledge and the caring that has gone into everything and can’t recommend it enough. Knowing what I know now, I would pay $1098 for the program because of where it has gotten me in my life. I can say that I am truly proud of the person that I am becoming because its the person that I needed to be if I ever want to be happy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You have turned one of the saddest and most hurtful times into something positive and I am ever gratefulDouglas Barnes, The Plains, VA



If you’re not sure this is for you then maybe I’ve not explained this well enough, or maybe you think your situation warrants a different approach?

If so, first go check the FAQ as I cover a few extra things there.

But consider this: While some believe their situation is too unique for any course or program to be effective… my experience is different. Why? Because while the details can be and often are unique, the underlying forces are NOT. And so, a correct understanding of those forces and how to use them to your advantage is far more important than how unique the details are.

And if you’re still unsure? Just email me ( and ask. If I think the Breakup Dojo won’t help you then I will tell you so. No hesitation.


Just go through checkout and get started.

Michael I would just love to thank you for all your expert help and advice. I have followed your suggestion to tee. And found that my ex is more in love with me now than she has ever been and I thank you very kindly from the bottom of my heartJames