What You Should Know…

The Breakup Dojo is a distillation of a thousand+ hours of client work, from helping men and women all over the world to save their relationship. This members-only resource represents over a decade of knowledge.

Breakup Dojo shows you how to guide your ex toward giving you a second chance without being sleazy, manipulative, or selfish. And, after following my somewhat unconventional ways, by the time you present your “offer” (to reunite) …you can practically guarantee you have given yourself —and your relationship— the best chance you could.

Who Is This For?

For men and women, young and old. Married and unmarried. Living together, or not. Close or long-distance… The principles inside operate on the underlying biology of humans, so you can be sure they benefit you regardless of how you define your relationship.

Who Am I?

I’m Michael Fulmer, a happily married, 42 year old guy living in the UK. My wife and I live in a small, charming town that’s a short drive from one of the best cities the UK has — Bath (it’s a beautiful city which you must visit if you ever get the chance.)

You can learn more about me and my views of handling a breakup over at undoabreakup.com (rather than repeat myself here!)


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