01 — My situation is unique. Will the Breakup Dojo work for me?

Most people think that their situation is so unique that no course or programme will work for them. Instead, I’ve discovered that while the details can be unique, the underlying forces are NOT, and a correct understanding of those forces and how to use them to your advantage is far more important than how unique the details are.

02 — We have children. Will this still work?

Yes, of course.

03 — My ex is seeing somebody else. Should I give up?

Absolutely not. This isn’t uncommon — your ex is having a rebound relationship. Which means they still have unfinished emotions to process. And by not properly adjusting to the end of your relationship first, your ex is walking in an emotional minefield (most rebound relationships end for good reasons.)

04 — What if I require more help, and can’t find the answer inside?

I encourage members to email me whenever they need clarification, or if they have a problem not yet covered in the Breakup Dojo.

Then, each month I sit down and go through any questions I’ve received, and where it makes sense, I will “fill in the gaps” inside the PRIVATE membership program.

Your questions help make this a better experience for everyone.

05 — Will you respond to my questions?

If you have a technical problem (access issues etc) then of course.

Keep in mind that the Breakup Dojo is priced as the “DIY” option (meaning: economical) rather than priced for personal 1-on-1 advice.

06 — Can you guarantee I will get my ex back?

Of course not. Guarantees of that nature are not possible, nor ethical. And in some cases, some people are better off going their separate ways.

Breakup Dojo isn’t ONLY about “getting your ex back.” Far from it. Saving your relationship, or stopping a divorce, or break up… is ONE goal. And this is a key component of the program. However, it isn’t the ONLY goal.

Whether or not your relationship should — or CAN — be saved, is just one of several dimensions you must consider.

Whether you save your relationship, or not… you still enter the non-optional adjustment phase, and processing the hurt and getting your head straight is paramount to future happiness — irrespective of whether that’s in a relationship with your ex… or somebody else, or simply enjoying the single life.

The value of the Breakup Dojo is much broader and far-reaching than your typical “ex back” guide.

07 — What if I join and I fail to win my ex back?

What you are really asking is, “why try?”

The answer is: You will get over failure faster than regret. Literally… failure is a feeling you can get over. Regret… not so much.

Whether you join and follow my instructions, or you go another path, the most important thing is TRYING and giving it 100%. That way, if you fail, you will at least have no regrets about not giving it your best.

08 — Are there ongoing membership fees or anything like that I need to know about?


The core Breakup Dojo membership is a one-time purchase, lifetime access deal.

You will never be added to a recurring payment agreement.

09 — If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds. You buy, you commit, we work and we make what we make of it. Don’t join until you are 100% committed.

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