Your First Email Will Be With You Shortly

Hi β€”Β it's Michael (who else? …)

I'm delighted to welcome you to UNFAZED. I appreciate you stepping up and making this happen.

What you're about to do, in my opinion, is turn a setback into triumph.

The breakup was a painful blow, and it’ll sting for some time to come. But within that heartache and pain lies the seed for equal or greater growth and personal triumph.

Those who suffer the most are those who end up having the most to offer others. True growth comes out of adversity. That's just how it is. But it is not automatic. It has to be nurtured. It has to be deliberately sought.

Which is why, bottom-line, you are to be proud of yourself for making the decision to be here (and by that, I really mean having the gumption to try something different when so many won't.)

The value you gain from this experience depends on the both of us. It depends on me to show up and do the work, and it depends on you to show up and do the work!

What Now?

Relax, breathe … give it 5 minutes and then check your inbox for the first email.

And smile, because you’re in control.

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